Lorenzo – Maple Glen, PA

“Hi guys! We want just to say ‘thank you’ for the job you’ve done here, in our house. We are so happy with our final decision of having Geothermal system installed….the whole house is warm and dry and it gives you the feeling that the heat is set somewhere between 70 – 75 F. It is amazing! Everything is working great!”

Mike – Collegeville, PA

“We have been enjoying our ClimateMaster geothermal heat pump for over a year and a half and it has performed beautifully. It is a real upgrade from our old oil heater and A/C system. We have been through some of the coldest temperatures over the past two winters and some very hot days last summer. The system was able to keep our house at a comfortable, stable, and uniform temperature throughout. Our old system had a hard time heating/cooling our back bedrooms. We used to use space heaters – not anymore! Our savings have also been great! The tax and utility credits helped with the cost and we have had no oil payments for the past two years. Finally, John and his team were great to work with. We went with Eldredge because his crew could do it all – drill the wells, install and tune the system, and repair any disturbed landscaping. With other companies, this may be three different contractors. John kept us informed throughout the process and his installers took the time to walk us through the system, explain how it worked, and even answered questions quickly months later. I highly recommend Eldredge Geothermal for anyone looking to replace their current HVAC system.”

Jon – Harleysville, PA

“Last year I purchased a 4-Ton Geothermal Heat Pump System. I have made a mid-season calculation of the cost using actual measured data of the electricity used by the heat pump and the actual ‘degree-days’ for West Chester from the national weather service records.”

“Based on this actual mid-winter data and multiplying up to a full average winter season of degree-days for West Chester, I have a very accurate conclusion on what the system is costing for an average winter in the West Chester area.”

“Based on my electric rate of $0.15/KWH, my home heating cost will be $952.00 for an average winter season.”

“My previous system was an oil-fired, ducted hot air system. The average oil usage was 850 gallons at $3.65/gallon = $3102.00. So the savings per season is $2150 (when I moved here, the oil cost $0.69/gallon).”

“After the 30% federal tax deduction, I have a payback/break-even period of 7.5 years. So my geothermal system will be paid for before the factory warranty runs out! Sounds like a good deal to me.”

“Looks like I would make a good ‘reference customer’.”

Jim – West Chester, PA

“When my traditional HVAC system broke for the second time, I decided it needed to be replaced. Geothermal heat pumps were something I was only moderately familiar with, so I decided to do some research. I researched for months and what I found was that the cost of installation was not much more money after the tax credit than a traditional system. When taking into consideration the utility savings, I calculated that it would cost me the same as a traditional system after just three years of usage. Not to mention it would last almost twice as long.”

“Once I made the decision to install geothermal at my house, I got four estimates for the installation. They were all over the place, and there was a lot of ambiguity relating to the ‘unknown

‘ costs of the installation. When I met Jon Eldredge, I knew he was the man for the job. He was confident in his company’s ability to handle the job and at a fair price. He was quick to respond and made sure all of my questions were answered. Jon was leaps and bounds more knowledgeable than the competition and a genuine individual. I decided to hire Eldredge Geothermal for the job.”

“The crew came out and they were friendly and professional at all times. When I had a question, they would stop what they were doing and explain it to me until I understood. This is important to me. This was a big process, but my property was handled with care, and overall, I couldn’t be happier with the system. The savings in utility costs has so far been amazing. We just came out of the coldest month in almost 40 years, and my heating and electric costs for the entire month for a 2500 square foot home were a little over $250. My system is performing well above my expectations, and I am incredibly happy with my investment. I can’t say enough positive things about having geothermal heating and cooling and working with Eldredge Geothermal.”

Genevieve – Malvern, PA

“The most nerve-wracking part of the geothermal system to us was the wells. Jon made sure it all went smoothly with as little disruption as possible, as something like that can go. The whole house needed to be retrofitted with ductwork, locked down with air sealing and insulation, and have the heat pumps installed. Along the way, there were some challenges, but Jon was always quick to respond and follow up with the individual responsible for that division. Any issues were resolved almost instantly. Excellent customer service!”

Donna – Pipersville, PA

Your crew is amazing! Thanks for everything!

Bruce – Chalfont, PA

We LOVE OUR GEOTHERMAL! We are seeing the LOWEST UTILITY BILLS EVER, and of course, zero fuel oil tank or bills.

Penny – Cochranville, PA

Working great and I love it!

Mickey – Flourtown, PA


Jon – Levittown, PA

I have been using the system since mid-May and am thrilled with the results. I can already see my electrics bills are about the same as last year when I did not have the air conditioning on. Considering I cool 3800 square feet to 71, that is remarkable! In addition, my property had some significant drilling challenges but your company went above and beyond to make sure the job was completed correctly and on budget. If I ever put in another system you will be the first one I call. Thanks again.

Susan – Wayne, PA

We decided geothermal was for us after projecting the cost of heating oil forward and adding that to general uneasiness about continuing to burn fossil fuels directly for heat. Contributing factors were also an aging and inadequate (and noisy) air conditioning unit directly under the deck, and the thin film of soot our oil furnace left on everything in the utility room. We were also uneasy about our buried fuel oil tank.

During the process of obtaining bids for a new system, it became clear very quickly that due to the siting of our house and the proximity to a stream and hillside, a conventional driller would not be able to drill our geothermal wells. Eldredge Geothermal was able to use a smaller rig, and different types of rigs, to drill wells for our system in a part of our property not accessible by full-size equipment.

In addition to drilling the geothermal wells, Eldredge removed and remediated our fuel oil tank, which had unfortunately been leaking for an extended time, and finished the job by professionally replacing our front patio and re-grading the front yard. It looks beautiful, as though it had never been disturbed.

Our new system is now operating our air conditioning, and our house, which used to be warm during summer days no matter how hard the air conditioner worked, is uniformly comfortable and quiet. I am looking forward to a greatly reduced electric bill and a similar experience with heat this winter. Our two-zone system is working wonderfully, moving air very efficiently to exactly where it’s needed – much more so than our old conventional system.

Our geothermal drilling turned out to be very difficult due to our proximity to the water table and the geography of our property. Jon and the Eldredge team persevered and managed to perform the job despite numerous setbacks and complications. Eldredge also functioned as a general contractor of sorts due to the leaky tank; they arranged for removal of the contaminated soil and testing for certification in addition to performing the soil excavation for remediation. It was a painful and expensive part of the project, but having all the details handled made it more bearable. Finally, they replaced our slate patio and re-graded the property, also relieving us of the necessity for finding another contractor for that.

We would have no hesitation recommending Eldredge Geothermal. They take pride in their work, and make sure they deliver on their promises.

John – Cochranville, PA

I had expected my place to look like a “war zone” when they were done. On the contrary, they left it better than they found it. They were efficient, professional, personable – great team.

Berman – Thornton, PA

Electric bills are much lower, amazing how comfortable the house is!

Bruce – Chalfont, PA

In December 2011, we converted our oil fired burner with hot water baseboard heating system by installing a Climate Master Geothermal System that included two closed vertical loops in our backyard. Prior to this installation we did not have a whole house air conditioning system. Duct work was added and the underground oil tank was removed. (What a relief from having to worry about potential leaks from the underground oil tank).

The Geothermal heating system was a pleasant surprise. The warm air from the new ductwork is quiet and very comfortable. At the same temperature setting with our prior system the house seems warmer. The Climate Master variable speed air handling system is very quiet.

Even with the milder winter in 2012, the increase in our electric bills was not as much as was anticipated and it was great to not have to purchase oil, especially considering the extremely high price per gallon of heating oil this year.

Our entire home was not air conditioned prior to our geothermal installation and with the record hot summer of 2012, we do not know how we would have survived without it. Our home was very comfortable with the Geothermal and the system performed perfectly against the hot and humid weather outside. And the best part was that our electric bill was very manageable. In addition, it was great to have the benefit of “free” hot water generated from the heat of the geothermal compressor.

Eldredge Geothermal Solutions was great to work with. The installation teams were knowledgeable, courteous, and worked diligently to get the wells and piping installed, in particular during weather and conditions that were not the greatest. The office staff is very responsive and kept us informed on the progress of the project and followed up on any questions we had, whether it be scheduling or technical related.

One recommendation from someone who initially planned do our own remedial work after the drilling was done: Include the follow-up landscaping as part of your project. With our project, the timing of the weather made the conditions very muddy and I appreciate the last minute recommendation to reconsider adding the landscaping to the project.

Paul – Thornton, PA

The overall experience with the system has been very good. I would say that the total electric cost for heating will be approximately $600 for the heating season as compared to $1,200 last year for oil.

Sandy – Parkesburg, PA

Thank you for the excellent work in installing the ground loops for my new geothermal heat pump system. I was very impressed by the professionalism, timely and appropriate communication, and care taken for my property that you and your team demonstrated. Thanks for a job well done.

David – Glen Mills, PA

It has been almost a year since installing the geothermal units. Prior to installing the system our home depended on an Oil hot water system which also supplied our hot water. Between September of 2010 and April of 2011 we used approximately 1600 gallons oil at an average cost of $3.25 per gallon. As we have an older home we did not have central air conditioning and as a result we depended on window units and a house fan to cool primarily the bedrooms. In June of 2011 we decided to move forwarded with Geothermal and contracted with Eldredge and others for the installation. I must tell you that I have had many experiences with contractors but none as pleasant as when I dealt with Eldredge. If they made an appointment they were there on time or early. They arrived for work when they said they would and completed the job when they said it would be completed. Since the installation of the system we went from spending $5000.00 to $6000.00 for oil to nothing. As for our electric bill, it actually came down in the summer months as we now have central air conditioning and no longer need window units. This past season cost us a total of $700.00 to heat our house. Though the upfront costs may seem high, in the long run the system pays for itself. At the current price of oil my system will pay for itself in just about 5 years.

Jameel – Coatesville, PA

We wanted to say thank you so very much – it’s just like your work, everything was very professional, it was done in good timing and we really appreciate the fine job you did and we won’t hesitate to pass along your name as a referral to any of our friends.

John – Downingtown, PA

The Geothermal Solution has provided immediate and significant savings, with less indoor temperature spikes, and more controls. Basically we’ve gotten a far superior product for less spend. I would highly recommend this solution.

Lori – Mechanicsburg, PA

The geothermal unit is working great. We would like to thank all the people involved with the installation of the coils/pipes. Everyone was very professional and nice.

Nicholas – West Chester, PA

Having already invested in solar electric and solar hot water it was only natural for us to fit our home with a geothermal system for our HVAC needs. One of the nice benefits is that the compressor is in our basement and therefore not exposed to the elements and leaves our outdoors very quiet. We would highly recommend Eldredge Geothermal Solutions as the entire team is very customer-oriented, meticulous in their installation, and did whatever it took to reconfigure our outside landscaping and lawn back to its original form.

Sue and Paul – Downingtown, PA

The environmental and long-term cost benefits of geothermal systems are well-documented. However, the differences within geothermal technologies are not as clear. We have the land to compliment a horizontal loop system, but initially were not aware of the cost and performance benefits offered by such a system. Jon presented us with a proposal that was significantly less expensive than drilling wells, while also taking advantage of soil conditions that promoted greater conductivity of ground-source heat.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of the horizontal loop system, the Eldredge team is a family operation who takes pride in the quality of their work. They’re good people. The mood on the worksite was relaxed yet professional. There was no rush to get the job done; rather the focus was on getting it done right.

Bill – Downingtown, PA

Geothermal rules! I am a proud owner of a new system installed by those great guys at Eldredge geothermal. Great to work with! Jon is the real deal. I would recommend them to everyone. Thanks, guys, for taking care of us!

Steve – Wayne, PA

Jon and his team did an excellent job installing the horizontal ground loops for my 3-ton geothermal system. They were very accommodating to my schedule and requests during the entire job. They did the job efficiently, made an ENORMOUS mess of my yard, and they spent a day cleaning up after the loops were installed to even out the dirt, spread new grass seed and cover with straw. With luck of rain, I had grass growing within days. Now, almost 4 weeks after they finished, my lawn looks infinitely better than before they arrived. My installed system is working great keeping my house warm, and I look forward to seeing lower energy bills this winter. Thanks to Jon, Jason, and Ben for all their work!

Vince – Wilmington, DE

What I liked about Eldredge Geothermal and their technique, and this is in contrast to the well-drilling method, was their plan to restore our lawn to its natural condition. I can say that I am very happy with the results.

The well drillers (during the initial estimate gathering phase) were relatively up front about the need to have a landscaping contractor come in following their work, to seed and straw the work area. This in addition to having to find someplace to dump the well drilling spoils.

All in all, I would recommend Eldredge Geothermal without hesitation. They did their job within the confines of the original quote, they did a quality job, they finished it on a weekend, and the lawn looks great. To be honest, the lawn actually looks better after than before because of its uniformity over the work site. The after-pictures were taken two weeks or so after the finish, and I was fairly diligent in watering since this is crucial to getting the seed to fix.

My wife and I have been happy with the results and have enjoyed the heat this winter.